Our company expertise in mobile android development.

For commercial or personal apps you need, 

or management of your google play console, 

or to raise up in google play rankings,

please contact us at "kutyarmail @ yahoo . com" mail address,

and give a detailed information of what needs to be done.

Market Support
Our company as well as write your application, we also give extra service for publishing your app to google market. We can either publish it under our account, or you may request us to open a new Google Developer Account for you and manage/setup your application in your own account for a more profesional look for your customer and business. The Google Developer Console support (Open account, make the proper settings and proper publishing for your app) will add a small cost to your general costs.

The account password/information will be shared and can be administrated by yourself.

App Support
Once your application is finished, it is not over! For 3 months, we help you with tiny changes and arrangements for free. This includes replace the pictures, or make changes on some of the documents/texts in your applications, as well as change the names or logos. Note: The changed content must be given to us.

If you need some big tweaks and changes in your applications this will have some costs. For example if you need to change the menu/button/page designs, this means we need to create a new idea/design and code from start for this design which will take longer times, meaning we will be charging you for the man power/time involved.

Not all of our works and apps are published under our own account. While tiny projects published under our account, majority of our profesional works & projects are usually published under some of our customers own developer accounts.